Wooden aluminium composite panel in India

We are offering wide range of wooden aluminium composite panel in India. It is the proper combination of wood natural beauty and wonderful properties of aluminium wall cladding. Because of the concept of natural and environmental protection, Wooden ACP is widely utilized in indoor and outdoor decoration, old building reconstruction decoration and signboards and advertising board. One day they will replace the utilization of wood totally. They lend an outstanding attractive feature to the external building facade. There are many features of wooden aluminium composite panel such as Weather resistance, light and strong, high strength, easy maintenance and impact resistance.

Benefits of Wooden Aluminium Composite Panels:

  • They are extremely economical to use.
  • They are incredibly light and look extremely attractive due to their close resemblance to wood.
  • Aluminium is fire tolerant and can withstand undesirable weather conditions.
  • These panels are unbreakable and easy to maintain at the same time.
  • These wooden aluminium composite panels are easy to transport anywhere.