Viva Partition panel is a newly launched product and has a huge demand in the market because of its extensive use in the office partition, wall panelling doors and windows.

Viva Partition panels are light weight and durable, It is available in the thickness of 4mm and in various colours along with sparkle and wooden designs as well. They are easier to use, additionally they have exceptional sound and thermal insulation properties.

Aluminium Partition Thickness 3MM-One Side (Bus Body)
4MM-Both Side (Partition)
Aluminium Partition Panel dimensions(standard) 1220MM x 2440MM
1220MM x 3660MM
Aluminium Partition Core Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Aluminium Partition Length Upon Request
Aluminium Partition Application Interior Use
Excellent colour uniformity
Maintenance free
Environment Friendly
Superior flatness
Water proof and washable
High impact resistance
Lightness & rigidity